Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good Morning from Fishing Creek Cold Spell Musings November 2014

November  on Fishing Creek. Well I brought out these old gals from my wooden people stash. They're all bundled up. If they lived in the north right now they sure would need that. Here in South Carolina we are still blessed with nice days although Friday I hear tell (yes I did say 'hear tell' again) it will be quite chilly with a low of 29 degrees, probably as we sleep.

Yesterday was a fantastic weather day. I did some leaf blowing-- the maples near my driveway are in full color and so is the drive way--which makes it hard to drive-- so I did just that part of the yard. I am the 'designated leaf blower' here. I enjoy doing it. I have been making our front lawn smaller by making  islands of leaf piles under and between the trees. It seems like a smart move to me. I can in no way mow the whole yard by myself--I generally have trouble even yanking that rope to start the mower. My plan is that when the leaves break down I will plant perennials and bulbs there.  Perennial herbs are especially on my mind. Hubby will have less mowing and I will have more planting beds in the shade. I ignore all plantings in the sun when summer comes, just don't even want to know about them.

I talk a good game I think.  I've botched up my garden plans every year it seems. The problem is I have issues with stairs and shovels and bending over. I also have a huge issue with weather. South Carolina in summer can be brutal.  Nothing wrong with dreaming though and planning and ya never know-- it could happen--right? I actually do have a pretty yard--even when I don't get there to tend it perfectly. Its all good.

Well we do have another bright white sunrise here today--same as yesterday-- everything is white. water and sky. Not from snow! We just have some thick mist on the water that is hiding the distant shores. I hope we have another nice day like yesterday. I'm not sure what I'll be doing--might be over at our other house with Hubby cleaning stuff up and thinking how he will be using it. I want to get at the root cellar pantry!  Mine, mine mine!  He is planning to make it an office since he is transitioning to working from home full time instead of trekking up to North Carolina every week to live in a camper during the work week. Currently he is here two or three days a week working and there the rest of the week. Since the house on Pokeberry Hill is all paid for, rather than sell it right now we will just hang on to it a while in these uncertain times and consider what to do with it as need arises.

My dawg pack is doing well. Mojo requires a lot of  petting these days, and is very good at acquiring what he wants. Yesterday he and Paco wanted to come in and he rang my doorbell! I thought there was company. We have door bells on two doors but they are almost never used. Crazy Dawg! I will admit though I like that better than scratching the screen door or sitting there barking like a fool.

Well that about raps things up for this November morning on Fishing Creek! God Bless, hope y'all don't freeze up there!  Keep blankets, cardboard and a shovel in your car--I still do that--old Wisconsin and Fargo ND habits. I use that shovel sometimes for spontaneous roadside plant digging. I am however finally donating my 'Fargo Coat' this year. Hopefully it finds a good home.

Have a Pokeberry Day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On Fishing Creek in October 2014

Ominous clouds and wind this morning, but plenty of pockets of sunshine so far. I hear we're in for some weather. The hickory nuts are looking ripe on the tree across our fence. Anything falling on my land is fair game I think. I will go out after it is all over and see what's available in the way of driftwood, nuts, seeds and interesting whatevers. :)  I have been collecting seeds all over the place this summer. I don't know if I will plant all of them but I just find it a fun hobby and I may put some in my etsy shop or send them as gifts to gardening friends.

Had to run to town early today, but took the Dawg Pack out walking when I got home. I managed to pick up some red bud seeds near a neighbors. I could hear her rooster-- proud husband to 13 hens I hear tell. (Yes I did say "hear tell")  

I really want to talk to her about the chickens as Hubby finally is interested in getting those-after I had given up pestering him for the past 30 years. There are details to work out however. -he wants to keep them on Pokeberry Hill,  and I'd rather just sneak them in here where they would be easy to tend. This reminds me, I don't think I have named our new house yet. Its been almost 2 years I think since we moved here I think it needs a proper name. We are definitely not 'on' a hill. We do have a pretty wretched slope-- if you happen to be backing out of our driveway you will understand what I mean by wretched.  We are also on water--which is the big attraction. I guess I need to come up with a name and paint it on a sign for the front door. 

                                         Welcome to ________ 

I've done my thinking on the chicken issue,  and spoke to  the neighbor to the east of us. He does not care if we have them, he grew up on a farm and so he figures we can do whatever we want since we are not in town.   If things go my way that's the side they would be living on, so his opinion matters most.  My Japanese  neighbor to the west doesn't speak good English and her husband is rarely home--so I doubt that's a big deal. Most likely she would not know they are here unless she sees the coop from her boat some time.  Anyone else can be bought off with eggs most likely. Honestly--we are outside town here so its probably not even illegal and the 3 town cops have better things to do hiding by the gas station and catching speeders.  (we all know where they are--so they catch mainly folks who are 'not from 'round here'.  

Will our new home get a proper name? Will I become mom to a few chickens? or Will the house blow away in the wind and waves today? 

We shall see...

Hope everyone has a great Pokeberry day-- Pray that North & South Carolina are tornado free today. and God Bless!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

On Fishing Creek, Nesty Business

Hubby opened the grill to cook our lunch the other day and spied the nest of a Carolina Wren inside. I carefully moved the nest to a little better spot nearby and the mother bird has since added two more eggs so I guess she's OK with it.

After lunch we went for  ride on our pontoon boat from Fishing Creek Lake on upstream to the Catawba River. I was able to get some neat pix of  Some Cliff Sparrows who were very busy building up their old nests underneath a bridge.

We also saw a couple of Osprey nests--one in a tree and this one atop an electric pole.

Love day to enjoy life on Fishing Creek and all the wonderful Nesty Business going on around us.

Have a great Pokeberry Day!