Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day 2015

                         Happy Valentines from Pokeberry!

Much is going on down here in Sunny (but cold) South Carolina. I still have not finished the dear old paper clay clown couple I was supposed to make for Hubby for Christmas. I have added some details and am now just working on smoothing it and fixing things, finishing the details and then I will make sure it is very dry before painting on the clown faces and gettin' it done. It has moved to my latest sitting spot in the kitchen--where I will work on it more since it is at hand. 

The three kitty jug band up above was a duet for a long while. Suddenly one day the orange tabby showed up full of dust above a floor register. My little grand kids  were here that day so I am thinking Jacob who is two had been keeping orange tabby captive inside the floor register for a good couple of months.  I gave him a good bath and reunited the group.  Now they are sitting on top of my little counter top dishwasher here in our smaller house. 

Big news! 

Hubby & I decided a bit ago that since none of our kids are currently renting the bigger house up on Pokeberry Hill--we are going to fix it up, do some finishing and re-arranging--and move back. We both enjoy the quiet of the woods and since we both have a lot of tools and mess all the time it makes more sense to live in the bigger house.  

We have not decided to sell the lake house-- maybe someday-- but not at this time. Our plan is that it will be a guest house, a get away cabin, and possibly we will rent it out to vacationers to help pay down the mortgage.  

I'm excited. I like the big house. It has been a bit of a mess--unfinished and full of stuff that needs to be de-junked and the landscaping is not at all done.... also the remnants of various of our adult kids and their buddies moving in and out and in and out. 

We've decided to 're-take' Pokeberry Hill. 
 We have plenty to do there. I hope there will also be time for art. :)   

Pokeberry Patch on Etsy is open for business again. 

I've made some changes this year. One change is I reverted back to doing animal cake toppers --no more portrait toppers. I needed to de-stress and I tend to work much harder on the toppers that look like someone on their big day. Too much self imposed pressure!  I still have toys in the shop. 

My future plans are to add vintage stuff that I love-- ribbons and trims and books, and ephemera, etc..  
Also I want to add my own paper goods and printables.  

All this has taken me a longgggg time!

I've come to terms with the fact that I am not 'normal' and should not compare myself to artists who are. I am self taught--so my stuff is odd for sure, but I like it. 
I've got some kind of pain or brain issue (often both)  to deal with all the time--which tends to slow me down and interfere with my efforts to focus.  I have seen some of the major cool blogs and facebook pages and books and etsy shops, websites etc... of other artists I admire and it has made me feel like such a slacker! 

Well I realized finally that this is 1. envy/jealousy--which is just plain wrong/sinful-- AND 2. I am who God made me to be and that's just fine with me and Him.  

So... no more smacking myself down if I don't do as much or as well as I think/perceive someone else is doing. No more being hard on myself for being less than I wish I was. 

If I blog once a year--so be it!  If I blog every day, that's fine too. 

Proverbs 14:30 says:  A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. Pokeberry Mary plans to do--- keep yer hearts at peace folks! Don't go wishin' you was somethin' ya aint! 

And most of all... 
Have a Happy Pokeberry Valentines Day! 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas and New Years Pokeberry 2014~15

My Oldest & Youngest (so far) Grand children.

December 28 Year Ending thoughts...
A Gray Morning on Fishing Creek

I notice I have become so rare at posting here that it has currently been a month that has lapsed!  I think that is one of those thoughts I have for my 2015 New Years ''we shall see" Resolutions. I have multiple 'we shall see's' here is one: 
2015--Do more with my blog & my shop facebook page....we shall see..

New topic--above you can see Ruby & Lucy opening gifts, and JT sporting new PJs. We were able to do a nice Skype session with some members of  4 generations on Christmas Day. A bit of worry  over late packages in the mail, but all was well.

Ruby hopped up and down when I told her she was on my TV via skype & roku (please do not ask me how to do that! I have no idea and it took even my genius hubby a while to figure it out).  

Anyhow back to Ruby--This  is memorable -- her hopping up and down in her pjs on Christmas morning, with a new toy and a gap where baby teeth have gone out, shouting with glee--
"I'm on tv! I'm on TV, I'm on TV!"

 She has always wanted her own TV show and I think she feels that is her life calling.  

 JT --who cannot remember us at this time; was  eager to join in this new adventure and  say "Thank You"  & "Love You".  Melted my Granny~ heart!

Seeing Lucy in Mommy's lap trying to loose her chubby little self  to turn toward the excitement was another memory for me! 

Today is Dec. 28, the birthday of my youngest child, only daughter. Remembering her birth--I can recall she was not happy with the whole idea of being born. LOL, and she showed it in her first photo.  We were so over the top happy to have our 4th  child be a girl after 3 boys, our hearts are always hers-and theirs- of course. This year her family has been spending Christmas at their in laws. We had a small celebration here with them, before we went down to Florida to the great grandparents. 

"Sunday, Sunday, Sunday" -- It is a football day and the Packers are serious business in my family.  I love my family-- really really. But they are so LOUD!!
I'm not a loud person. Someone has to be the angsty introvert in my generation so I am it. I even managed to have crowd noise be a seizure trigger LOL. These days its been a while since we had a truly noisy Sunday, Hubby stopped paying for Directv so we get a hodge podge of computer coverage that 'maybe' will work on Roku. He ends up watching sometimes alone with headphones on.

But then for this Holiday Season there was LAMBEAU SOUTH! 

I lent Hubby my Packer hat when he took his Dad to see the Tampa Game down in Florida. He enjoyed the comments he got on the baseball cap in a venue where the Snow bird Packer fans filled up the Tampa stands. 

I got my hat down in Florida on an earlier visit and it is Packer Gold with Green with lettering that states "Lambeau South"  and  a Florida map.  

                          Winning made it all even better.  
Go Pack!

Mom in law and I enjoyed a dinner theater instead. 
We saw a fantastic musical version of A Christmas Carole at The Royal Palm . The food was also amazing. Mom in Law was excited to see the old fashioned  fudge for dipping. We were both sick with head & chest colds, mine took me to Urgent Care--after our trip--duh.

Finally this season I was really blessed to get pix via facebook of my old friends who were able to go to Israel and spend Christmas where it all happened visiting their son & his family that live there as missionaries.  That was awesome! 

Well this will do today it has been wonderful but I am still sick and so it is slow going here. Time to get fresh coffee and just sit awhile; I am on my way to recovery from the latest germ invasion visited upon me by my SC grandkids.
'If' I do not post again this year I hope you have a  Good Pokeberry New Year, and that it will start with a Green Bay Packer Super Bowl,  ... we shall see...