Monday, April 21, 2014

On Fishing Creek Sunny Monday Morning, Shining Our Lights

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.       Matthew 5:16

The sun is low in the sky from an eastern window in my sun room, where it is striking my the corner of my left eye enough that I will be getting up to shut one of our bamboo shades soon. :) Sky is clear and blue after a rainy cool weekend. We are going to pick up a little heat this week and should make it to 80 at some point.  Generally here in upper South Carolina we consider Easter the 'mark' for when to plant your tomatoes. Now it should be fairly reliably warm enough to put them out in the ground.

I purchased a 6 pk of little Hillbilly Tomatoes this spring from a feed store in a nearby town. I did not know at the time how prolific and large this heirloom variety is supposed to get. I think I may give one or two to a friend. We just don't use that much any more--even in a year! I do keep a little pantry but seriously-- it stays little for a good reason.

I am watching the little fly catcher birds swooping down toward the water. They are using my neighbors boat as their launching pad. A lone mallard duck just flew buy and their are song birds singing and chattering all around me. Hubby has gone home to his camper to work for the week and I expect he'll be here for next weekend when the weather is supposed to be lovely.  I've got a test tomorrow that should find out what has been troubling my tummy the past weeks or month or slightly more. I've lost some weight mainly around my gutt--which is nice actually--although it is a symptom too--so that's not as nice. My eyes are still bothering me too which seems to be part of the same problem--which is why  I do need to go shut that shade.

I do look out and see the wonders of what God has made here on Fishing Creek. A ring in the water where a fish has surfaced, spreading outward; birds flying, a spider outside my window preparing her web; and the bright spring green trees across the water on the little island. God's light shines all the time on us, let ours shine on each other too, that we may glorify what He has given us.

Have a lovely Pokeberry Day and may your week be blessed as you  go about shining your light.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On Fishing Creek Chilly Morning in April

On Fishing Creek This morning.. chilly. I woke to 32 degrees here in South Carolina. I believe this cold spell is only through tonight. We'll be up to about 60 later today and a little warmer tomorrow but cold again tonight. I did turn on the heat--but I have been avoiding using the AC this spring as much as possible. Got my little space heater on at the moment. The sky is clear and water is bright and ripply. I brought Jeff's peppers and my pink Mandevilla vine in for a couple days and through a blanket over the house plants on upper deck.  Everything else is fine.  Herbs and spring blooming perennials do not care if it dips a bit. 

Yesterday I stopped in at the feed store in Great Falls, met the owner a Mr. Lucas who happens to be my county council member. He's been in office over 20 years and I guess has been inside every house in the district visiting--knew my house when I described it. Small towns blend into each other and you really don't know exactly where the boundaries are. 

Anyhow I picked up a 6 pk of Hillbilly Heirloom tomatoes there and a 6 pk of pickling cucumbers. Prices were very reasonable compared to Home Depot over in Lancaster--though not much selection. These are sitting on the kitchen table til the frost scare ends. Tomorrow I'll have to think about what to do with them. I think I need to make some wood framed beds on the West side of the house-- not much space there but the east side doesn't get the good afternoon sun in summer.

Bird feeders got refilled yesterday evening before it got cold and are now very busy with chilly birds. Chilly birds need more calories.

Well sipping coffee time, got a full day with grandkids and there's an Easter Egg hunt today at Story time so that should be a fun little thing for them. :) I picked up some $1 buckets for them.

Have a good Pokeberry Day!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

PJ Sprints

The lake is so pretty this morning! Delicate Blue and yellowy pale pink as the sun prepares to rise. Now I'd run out on the deck to get a picture but I'm not at all well dressed -- pj pants and South Carolina Palmetto/moon t-shirt. My next door neighbor told me yesterday that part of his remodel includes a new deck that will face mine rather than the lake. Well there goes my pj sprinting I thought. LOL. May have to put my deck in better order this spring. And plant some trees... Have a lovely Pokeberry Day--hope you can hear birds singing like I can right now.