Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Interesting Wedding Cake Topper Projects..

I've been busy lately working on all sorts of unique things. I finally shipped both of the orders shown above. One was a a cute pair of kitties on a cake topper and the groom has a kilt I crafted by printing on linen using a mini version of the real groom's tartan plaid. This bride really loves colors and you can tell by the mix of flowers and plaid. :)  I was really not sure how it would turn out but as I was packing it I looked at it and thought--wow you know this really looks pretty. :)

The other order I shipped a few days ago was the last of the little Owl & Pussy cat items. I made the topper and some little wood mini pieces with clothespins attached to hold up table numbers at the wedding. I made this bride's invitations, RSVP's a poem copies and  table numbers, all with illustrations and roses. A very challenging job and it really got me interested. :)   I'm now offering package deals with a cake topper and matching table numbers in my shop.

Other projects I'm working on--since I miss doing embroidery so much-- and haven't sold all my embroidery books and patterns I decided to start using them to help inspire things made of wood or of paper. Among the new directions I'm heading are more graphic art projects, learning to draw celtic knots, and learning to make paper 3-d paper flowers. :)   Such fun. I'm also very interested in family tree art. I'm hoping to design some unique gift items to give to family and friends but also to sell in my shop and hang up in my new house.

We are closing on our new home Dec 18, and having guests for the holidays 2 days later! HA! this is going to be a working holiday. We have no furniture for that place at all--and lack laundry  too. :) So I need to furnish it completely from scratch. We also need to put up a fence for the dogs.
so that's going to be quite interesting. I'm kind of 'resting up' for it.

Well its exciting though, even if it does seem like it will be a lot to take on.

the house is not terribly large--so I'm not sure how I'll manage my need for a studio/office space. I'm thinking I will have to just store things in closets and only take what I need and perhaps set up a table in the sun room to work at. Which would give me a nice view of the lake. :)

I don't know how often I'll be checking in, I haven't blogged much lately at all, I am having a new website made and getting all these  bells and whistles for social networking. Just need to carve out time to do that more. :)  I'm hoping to build my little business up in the next year to where it is actually bringing in enough to help pay down our new mortgage. Taking on a mortgage again is for some reason not as scary to me as it used to be. I don't have the fear of it I used to have. I guess I've learned that things happen  in life and there's no point sitting around doing nothing for fear of making a risky choice.  So-- who knows? If all works out according to Plan A--we will pay the house off on time for Hubby to retire. If not-- Plan B or C will come along, somehow. :)

So to any of my friends who still pass by and read what I post... You have a wonderful holiday season! I will try to pop in on your blogs, etc.. and see what all you're up to. God Bless and Keep You in the New Year!

And may it be a great Pokeberry Year!

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