Monday, January 6, 2014

Feeding the Birds and Squirrels in Pokeberry

Been busy today playing around with my camera and my new tablet monitor--which Hubby generously bought me for Christmas. I know he wants me to find some way to do art that I can continue to do no matter how decrepit my body gets.  I have worried too, what happens if Hubby 'goes first' ?  (We're not really THAT old, but then neither were my folks...) Silly to worry though--we can't prevent or predict a single thing with worrying.

Doesn't hurt though, to keep on keeping on, and learning and doing whatever comes to hand, so long as we are able.

This is what has come to my hand and I am thinking along the lines of--what do "I" want on my walls? What kind of art would "I" think about using in a card or on my facebook page, etc.. What kind of art expresses what is in me? 

So anyhow--then using the tools I have, and my 'meh' level of skill- I decided to work harder on learning to use
some of the nice swanky stuff Hubby has been getting me the past few years. I think he's hinting--photos, computer, drawing..

So we shall see... in the meantime--You have a great Pokeberry Day and don't you worry about the next one! :)


  1. its probably natural for us to start wondering about who will go first at our age, but i have decided, too, that whatever happens, happens! what can we do? at least we have our kids that will help!!!!! we are blessed!!!!! Hope you will enjoy all the great stuff your hubby is getting you! Sounds great for an artist!!!!!

  2. Very true. I had a sweet neighbor back in Wisconsin. She had one daughter who had down syndrome and two others that did not. She said she would worry all the time about that girl--what would happen to her, who would care for her if they got too old, etc. Well they had a car accident and that child died, but another of her children suffered a truamatic brain injury and broken back I think it was.. or pelvis? Anyhow she became instantly disabled. The mom, who lived straight across the road from me said--she learned that worrying is useless, that God only knows our future and has promised to provide. Good Nuf.


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