Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pokeberry Patch Photo Collage Art Isaiah 30:15

I love that time in the morning when the sun is coming up, the birds are beginning to sing, and I can be alone with a cup of black coffee, and my thoughts.

I made this bit of art to express my joy and peace in that part of the day. Enjoy! Drink it in.

I think I will put it in my Zazzle shop, perhaps as a design for a coffee mug or some other things, maybe a card. Might be nice to put something in that poor little shop as it is currently pretty close to empty. 

 I like Zazzle for Print on Demand-they do a nice job and I don't have one bit of extra work if I use them to publish some of my art. I haven't used it much in the past though as it is a very slow way of earning money. It takes a long long time to get enough art posted there to make money. 

These days though.. time is something I do have, so why not?  I may also print it out to make a transfer collage on canvas or wood--we shall see...

 ~always more ideas in my brain than I can make use of in a day~

Have a great Pokeberry Day, I hope you are quiet for some little bit of it. 


  1. quiet time is so precious to me! i took some nice deep relaxing breaths in and out while meditating upon your art collage! it's beautiful, Mary!

  2. I like that using Sketchbookpro--a super easy and cheap bit of software I can design things like this all on my pc. I made a layer of aquas then a layer of burlap, then added my photo of the fairy in a clay pot and did some editing and then added a layer of a white/aqua wash and put text over it, merged the text with the washed layer and erased what I didn't want so it was little bits of text on paper looking.. so much faster/easier than doing it all with bits and pieces of 'real' stuff. Same look. :) Very fun project, time for my tubby. :)


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