Saturday, April 26, 2014

On Fishing Creek A Warm Weekend in Late April

I slept late this morning and the sun was already up and shining on the water, the birds singing. A bout half a dozen bachelor ducks came by the dock as I was sitting down to have my first cup of coffee. Not much time this morning, Hubby is already pacing around waiting for me to get started so we can head out to town. We are needing some good soil for planting and a new lawn mower. My experiment with the rotary mower was a failure. I could not get it to cut much at all which I know it probably needs sharpening and does have a dent in it that might be a problem but I could tell I'd never be able to tackle the hillsides in the front with anyhow. We are buying something with an electric start that is self propelled so that perhaps I can handle it and if I can't, it will be easier for him when he comes. Either way it will be better--I also want it to mulch and to bag. I plan to use it to chop up fall leaves and grass and help with composting that way.  It all works out. Later today at some point we will go for a nice boat ride, perhaps do some fishing. I have bait and poles on hand should we choose to. Well, I need to drink that coffee now so we can be off! :)

Have a lovely Pokeberry Weekend.

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful day planned! I hope you had a great time!


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